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  • Virtual desktops and servers
    created in seconds
    on our Asia and Europe zones

    Virtual servers

    Microsoft Windows and GNU / Linux

    Virtual desktops

    Microsoft Windows, Centos and Ubuntu
  • For all IT needs

    • Virtual Desktops
    • Web servers
    • Databases
    • CRM
    • Messaging and communication
    • Compute
    • Big-data
    • Intranet
  • Provided by an eco-responsible company


    1% for humanity program

Desktop & Servers

Our solution provides a quick and simple way to create desktops and servers in our cloud
All plans are clear, easy to understand and commitment-free

Opensource IAAS

Our IAAS infrastructure located in Europe, Asia and USA is built on the top of opensource technologies (Apache Cloudstack and KVM)

Technologies Hub

Our easy to use tools provide the best of all modern technologies (Debian, CentOs, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Rds, etc.)

Services & Support

Do you need help ? Network architecture ? Premier Support ? Our team is always available for you


Our plans are simple, commitment-free with no hidden fees

All plans include everything needed to manage your IT infrastructure all over the world

  • Starter

  • 30 €

    / month (ex. VAT)
  • 2 Ghz CPU
  • 4 Go RAM
  • 0 Go SSD
  • 50 Go NL SAS
  • 10 Go Sec. Storage
  • 10 Mbits Internet
  • 2 IP
  • 2 instance
  • 1 Windows Server Std
  • Support email unlimited
  • 30 days free trial
  • Small Team

  • 50 €

    / month (ex. VAT)
  • 8 Ghz CPU
  • 12 Go RAM
  • 0 Go SSD
  • 200 Go NL SAS
  • 10 Go Sec. Storage
  • 10 Mbits Internet
  • 2 IP
  • 4 instances
  • 2 Windows Server Std
  • Support email unlimited
  • 30 days free trial
  • Pro.

  • 1500 €

    / month (ex. VAT)
  • 140 Ghz CPU
  • 280 Go RAM
  • 600 Go SSD
  • 3540 Go NL SAS
  • 340 Go Sec. Storage
  • 100 Mbits Internet
  • 10 IP
  • instances unlimited
  • Windows Server Std unlimited
  • Support tel. unlimited
  • 30 days free trial
  • Enterprise

  • 3200 €

    / month (ex. VAT)
  • 220 Ghz CPU
  • 500 Go RAM
  • 1300 Go SSD
  • 8000 Go NL SAS
  • 460 Go Sec. Storage
  • 100 Mbits Internet
  • 16 IP
  • instances unlimited
  • Windows Server Std unlimited
  • Support Premier unlimited
  • 30 days free trial

Cloud Miles Loyalty program

At DIMSI, we think it is important to recognize and reward our long term users.
With our loyalty program, your cloud usages are automatically converted to cloud miles

1 Subscribe

It's free, simple and commitment-free
You may enjoy all features of our cloud for 30 days

2 Earn and redeem

Month after month, earn your Cloud Miles
Get more Cloud-Miles with our sponsorship program

3 Use your Cloud-Miles

You can use your Cloud-Miles anytime to get a selection of flights, hotel nights or professional services (architecture, specific developement, global services)

Offer details


Microsoft Windows (2012 Rds, 2016 Rds) and GNU Linux (Ubuntu, Centos) desktops. Virtual NAS available

99.9 uptime guarantee

Servers and desktops 99.9% uptime guarantee on all our zones to provide mission critical instances


Microsoft Windows and Gnu Linux servers based on monthly updated templates. Available on SSD and NL-SAS drives

Backup and security

All instances are backed up daily on remote sites and archieved for 30 days with direct access to backup files

Advanced networks

Firewall, NAT, Loadbalancing : you can manage all network features from our portal and establish VPN to remote networks

Services & Support

Our support is available by phone, email and chat for case management / requests. Premier support available


Simple instance management

Our Cloud Portal is easy to use and provides all functionnalities needed to handle daily operations extranet 1

Advanced network configurations

Manage IP, NAT, Firewall and VPN (Client and Site-to-Site) from our Portal extranet 2

360° infrastructure overview

Graphical overview of infrastructure and centralized management extranet 3

Instance Monitoring

Ability to monitore each service running on instances with status alerts extranet 4

Multi-Instances deployments (DIPS)

DIPS technology allows you to deploy multiple instances in a one click approach extranet 3

Task scheduler

Schedule instances start and stop to maximize your cloud usages within your plan extranet 3

Why choose us ?


Since 2006, we are very careful about environmental impacts of all our actions

Open Cloud

Our infrastructure is opened and standardized. You own your instances and data

Infrastructure and security

We use up-to-date servers, network devices and security appliances

Continuous improvement

We perform upgrades of our tools on a monthly basis to offer our customer new features

Local presence

We own our infrastructure in Asia and Europe, and manage our IP transit

Why not you?

Many small, medium and large companies choose to work with Le Cloud By DIMSI. Why not you ?

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You can contact us, or visit us, from monday to friday, 09.30 - 18.30

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01 75 43 89 66
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